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Ruby Birthstone

Ruby Birthstone – Nowadays is the era back to stone. Everywhere every when and every people do the competition to hunt the stone and contend each other to get the best and show it for others people. All kinds of jewelry completely with stone especially gemstone. No matter the age whether young or old, all like gemstones. They will feel like that they are the most powerful people when they are convinced already wearing the most beautiful gemstones around the world. There is one the greatest stone in gemstone world that is Ruby. Ruby is believed as the most beautiful and the greatest of the stones. That’s why most of people compete to find the best Ruby to make it as own and put it on the jewelry, this kind of stone also come into Birthstone. So, now let’s read further regarding Ruby Birthstone.

Ruby Birthstone Definition

Ruby is trusted to be the birth stone suitable for people who were born in July. In Hindu culture, gemstone Ruby birthstone is closely associated with the power, passion and Protection. Ruby is also believed to have curative properties which are used to improve blood circulation to the wearer. Blood-red stone is said to symbolize as the power, vitality, confidence, leadership, and courage but actually red Ruby is closely associated with passion and love.

Characteristics of the Ruby Birthstone

Based on color the precious stone exactly Ruby birthstone is a gemstone that naturally occurs as rock red or pink or with color in between. In the UK however, the color saturation minimum must be met to qualify as a Ruby stone, if the stone did not call Pink Sapphire. As a result of the difficulty in making a distinction between pink sapphire and ruby, colored trade organizations, known as the International Gemstone Association has adopted a broader definition for Ruby, which include of pink stone as well.

Ruby Birthstone was from Burma as a rich strike district. The stones are colored purple-red, color gain ruby another name is ‘Pigeon Blood’. Myanmar, Thailand, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Tanzania, Australia and the United States is another source of Ruby.

Ruby Birthstone

The Savor of Ruby Birthstone

There are several benefits of wearing Ruby birthstone:

  1. For thousands of years, Ruby is regarded as the stone of love, energy, passion, the power and zest for life. Like no other gemstone in the world apart from Ruby that symbolizes perfection for strong feelings. Another important element of Ruby in addition to fire and blood, Ruby is said to restore the power of our vital organ one’s life and can increase energy and strength. Ruby birthstone is also known as the stone of courage, legend has it that a person who has a ruby can walk through life without fear of crime or misfortune.
  2. Ruby birthstones can be used as a therapy to regulate emotions to the wearer. Caused of wearing blood-red stone that looks stunning this can make your dream of a more beautiful at night, increase confidence, improve motivation, spirit and also can be a media as a defense would be wealth you have. If you routinely use this stone on one part of your body, you can eliminate the emotion that leads to a negative direction as anger, envy and jealousy.

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