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February Birthstone

February Birthstone – Birthstone is a gemstone popularly associated with the month or astrological sign of one’s birth. Simply, birthstone is a suit stone with you based on your birthday for support your precious in carrier. Birthstone has been around since ancient times were believed to have magical powers that can protect the owner or wearer of the stone. These birthstones are traditionally associated with the existing twelve zodiacs. However, in modern time birthstones linked by month and each month has a unique birthstone in accordance with the nature of its own fairy tale. Many people like to wear jewelry set with their birthstone as the ancient meanings and trust they will efficacy of birthstone itself. What is February birthstone? Are you really curious?? Let’s check it out!!

Kind Stone of February Birthstone

Stone for February Birthstone is Amethyst. A stone which is a variety of quartz known for its spectacular purple color is a mixture of blue and red color to a light purple hue. The ancient Greeks believed that this stone can protect the wearer from getting drunk and allows them to keep a balanced mindset.

February Birthstone

Purple gemstone which is believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans as an antidote to the heady strength is also said to keep the wearer to always think clearly and cleverly. Throughout history, gemstones which overshadow the month of February then become February birthstone had been associated with many myths, legends, religions, and various other ancient cultures. British regalia adorned with amethysts even during the middle Ages to symbolize royalty. Amethyst is purple quartz with a wonderful blend of purple and red that can be found in every corner of the earth, historically the best of amethyst found in Russia and shown in European royal jewelry.

The Savor of Amethyst as February Birthstone

  1. Mind Therapy
    Amethyst purple shimmering can be used as a balm for the mind. This is due to the positive energy emitted from amethyst can be used to soothe the mind of the wearer.
  2. Changing Advantages Disadvantages Being
    Amethyst is used to make the deficiencies that exist in the body is converted into advantages. So, the person wearing the amethyst could look different from most people around them. Positive ions in the amethyst can also create shortages that have becomes surplus.
  3. Fortunate In Love
    Amethyst can give luck to the wearer. For example, give you good luck in romance. If it’s time, amethyst users can find the right person and at the right time, so the opportunity to become a mate would be even greater.
    4. Raises Bravery and self confidence
    People who wear the amethyst can be bold and confident when it becomes speaker or spotlight in front of the public. When dealing with people, people who have the courage amethyst could appear somehow to interact with the crowd, delivering steam or argue in public.
  4. Improve elegancy
    Amethyst as February birthstone used by a person can be used to increase the appeal to the wearer. it is because the positive ions in the rock can make the appeal to be increased due to positive ions emitted from the stone

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