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Name of Names of Precious Stones for Engagement Rings

If we talk about the engagement rings, it always related to the diamond as the best and the only choices. As the names of precious stones, diamond is known as one of most popular gemstone that is used in about 21 century as the engagement rings. Yet, there are also a lot of brides throughout the time until today that also wear others type of gemstones for engagement rings. The selection of gemstone depends on the preferences of the brides. Besides, it also depends on the symbolism and meaning of the gemstone also.

The general history of names of precious stones for engagement rings

Generally, ring is used for many years even for centuries either in betrothal ceremonies or marriage. The choices of ring are believed for symbolizing connection between man and woman who will become a partner forever. The popular myth in ancient Greek believes that the ring that is placed on fourth finger of left hand is caused that on that finger contains vena AMORIS or the vein of the love. It connects to heart directly. This is one of names of precious stones history that you will believe or not since this is only a myth. Besides, names of precious stones also have particular meanings.

First and foremost list of names of precious stones is the diamonds. For the centuries, this gemstone is use for mythical purposes and tools primarily. Moreover, this doesn’t appear in European ornamentation until 13th or about 14th centuries. The Saint Luis has declared that the diamond only can be owned by king. Others fact of diamond as names of precious stones are found in South Africa. With those discoveries, the diamond comes down in value and it is more accessible to middle class.

Names of Precious Stones for Engagement Rings

Others names of precious stones type is namely as sapphires. It has been used for long year as engagement rings since it symbolizes the truth commitment, and romantic love. Historically, during 12th century, crusaders will present the wives with the sapphire rings that are purposed to test the fidelity since the color of sapphires is believed will fade as it is worn by the impure or the unfaithful woman. This is one of names of precious stones which becomes really becomes since many members of modern British royal family also receive the engagement rings from sapphires. Those are Lady Diana Spencer, Queen Mother, and Princess Anne.

Emerald is others kind of names of precious stones which is rarer and harder than the diamonds. The folklore imbues the emeralds with the extreme healing powers which can cure the dysentery, leprosy, and others between. As the engagement rings, emerald also grows in its popularity. If you want to get the emerald as the engagement rings, you can browse it from internet firstly before start to shopping. Make sure that you have checked the prices and it is suitable with your pocket.

Last but not the least, there are a lot of names of precious stones that should be on your top list as you are looking for suitable engagement rings. However, you have to select the one that can represent the symbolizing of your feelings toward your couple.

Description: Names of precious stones are variously. Each represents different symbols and meanings with others. Those can be options of engagement rings.

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