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The Meaning of CASSITERITE

CASSITERITE belongs to the tin oxide type. The most common of this stone are variously. Those can be red-brown, brown, and black. However, the stone sometimes is also colorless like red, white, yellow, and yellow-grey. As your information, this stone is also popularly known as the tinstone. The meaning of the name of this stone comes from Greek word that is tin. Below will be explained more detail about this stone in order to increase your knowledge related to the stone.

Things to know about CASSITERITE

This stone can bring the divine light into the body from source of the whole is. It is a kind of powerful stone since it can be used for meditation for aiding the shamanic journeying. Probably, the CASSITERITE can help you in releasing the energetic debris which is holding back in the journey of your life. In other words, this is a kind of helpful stone in aiding the spiritual grounding. It is a crystal that has strong energy of spiritual grounding and interesting mix of balancing the energy. However, it can also energize depending on what you need.


CASSITERITE benefits are really helpful for anyone who has long help deeply about childhood issues of the rejection which she/he has experienced about it. This stone is great influence on intellect since it is really useful effect for aiding the intellectual problem solving especially for those who are in the mathematics fields. The CASSITERITE was found in China, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, Namibia, Mexico, Bolivia, and also United States. In other words, this is widespread enough.

Although the CASSITERITE is reasonably common and widespread enough, this stone doesn’t look spectacular or eye-catching since it is rather unassuming and small also. The CASSITERITE configuration can be prismatic even also pyramid shaped. Also, this stone can occurs in massive form. You can use this crystal even in small piece and this has fairly obvious vibration. You have to able to feel energy of this stone since it can be done rather easily. This stone has deep energy which makes the distinct earth chakra connection. Yet, it is with quite clearly difference in energy.

Some people said CASSITERITE can give the protection physically from the danger as make the strong connection with deep source and also doorway which links you into another side. In other words, it is place where each of you passes the death and birth, level of endings and beginnings, death and life. By this, you can imagine the vibration of this stone is only ordinary. It also can assist dying that can help you for letting go of the whole issue which probably be holding the spirit on earth place and for aiding soul in moving from body to light.

When you use CASSITERITE in meditation, you will enable for letting go any kind of idea and ideal which is no longer suitable for way of your live today. This stone has an excellent attributes since it can keep grounded when you are in your medication. This stone is really protective and help you in manifesting the desires.

Description: CASSITERITE can be used as protection physically for your body. In other words, it is really useful and helpful in term of meditation and protect from danger.

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