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The Usage of Anatase Historically

Anatase or it is called the titanium oxide. On the chemical table of the list, it is symbolized with the sign TiO2. Surprisingly, it has different structures because inside the stone there are two classifications of the elements. It is the rutile and the brookite. To get those elements, it can be done by burning anatase’s temperature is 915 degree Celsius higher. In fact, the rutile will appear automatically and the brooktile requires lower degree Celsius.

The other names

Uniquely, in the chemistry, anatase is not surely famous, but it is replaced by the rutile. That happens because the anatase’s name is the rarest of the productions. Getting those names, it indicates that between anastase and the rutile are two different things that are created during the habit of the crystal when they are in cleavage. Yet, between this and rutile are in the same symmetry, tetragonal (4/m 2/m 2/m).

Specifically, in rutile, its shape is based on the octahedrons titanium oxide sharing two edges and they make the chain to grow into four symmetry legs. Then, in anatase the octahedron shares four folds axis through four edges with the symmetry size. In addition, the anastase crystal is easy to notice to other stones. On the structures features, it has eight tetragonal faces di-pyramids that have elongated sharp point. Usually, ‘elongation’ is pronounced to differ from octahedrite which has different form. It is a common thing that they are similarity the same sound.


Besides, anatase is quite marketable. It happens because the community of the merchants is looking for this. They mention that the shapes of the crystal are unique and it considers the classic mineral world. In fact, the interesting in characters of the features is the main reason why this stone get a big intention to the merchant.

The appearance

Based on the feature of the appearances, anatase commonly has the brown color gradation to the black, yellow, and blue as well. Then, it is the transparent and the light will be through to the crystal and it reflects it as the pyramid. In fact, it will look like opaque shine. For the hardness, it is only surrounding 5.5 – 6. If you are ferrymen and you are looking for this stone, based on some reviews, the stones are mostly in the volcano mount and the stone is not dangerous because it does not consists of the arsenic. Thus, it is safe for the human when they have interaction directly to this stone.

The usage

For now, anatase is well known for combination of the paint. It will give the effect of the white color. It is the natural production because anatase’s pigment lubricate to other elements. Hence, it is also called the white titanium and the symbol inside the chemical code becomes 6 (PW6) or CI 77891. In general, they are functioned also for the lotion color, the sun block, and the food color. Unit now, the researchers are still looking for the alternative for the other purposes. Unfortunately, it is still lack in the process. Soon, with the progressive technology, the future people will expand a lot of anatase’s purposes.

Descriptions: Anatase is tetragonal (4/m 2/m 2/m), functioned the paint mixture elements, food color, sun block, and lotion. Soon, it will expand the finding purpose.

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