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The Additional Element in Cobalt: Skutterudite

Skutterudite is still the mysterious element of the iron. The review of the researches mentions that this element does not stand alone and it needs to combine with other element to create the newest purpose. Mostly, it is produced by the cobalt essence. Uniquely, this element cannot be taken as like as the gold but it is like the arsenopyrite which is the additional finding when looking for the gold. Differently, the poison skutterudite is the additional result of the digging the nickel. Some countries which produce it are Congo, China, Russia, and Australia. In year, they are able to create 17.000 ton.

With that cobalt, some fascinating production is possible to create and they will stay longer. The function is almost the same as the molybdenite, but it must be something different with them especially for the safety. Well, it can be seen that the material of skutterudite has sparked and it is formed from (Co,Ni,Fe)(P,Sb,As). Through that material, that is the domination elements to build the aerospace. The reason is that the elements are useful as the best conductor to flow the electricity.

The characteristic of the appearance

Specifically, the information above has already told that skutterudite stone cannot stand alone. In fact, you will never find out the information regarding to skutterudite as the only element to build something. It must be combined with others such as the function to create the magnetic, the glass, and etc. Those will give some effect such as the color. In the same time, that color will cover the item and it will resist from the black spot, the rusty, and other things which are to creak the item.

Skutterudite1 Skutterudite2 Skutterudite3 Skutterudite4 Skutterudite5 Skutterudite6 Skutterudite7 Skutterudite8 Skutterudite9

At glance, the surface of the structure design of the cobalt, you will see that it is shiny, iron, and silver. On the chemical table, it is symbolized with the character Co on 27 the list. The color of the cobalt is basically pigment and it has been used for the fashion, the jewelry, and the paint.

The negative usage to the body

Then, what is the skutterudite effect to the human? In this case, there are some points that you should underlines. Skutterudite only will influence to the human body unless they are consumed in a large number through the air because of the dust cobalt surrounding. For the effect, the person will throw out, the diary, the eye problem, and the heart disease.

To minimize the problem, you should be aware by checking the environment that it is able to accept the cobalt without consuming the person health. Following worst thing from skutterudite, the death will happen because the cobalt is the element of the iron and it cannot be broken by the body such as other elements.

Until now, the researchers such as the German researcher are still looking for the best way to reduce the impact and skutterudite can be used safety whether to the human and the environments. The result, the earth and the water can minimize the spreading of the cobalt. With those, the cobalt will be absorbed and those will bring the cobalt into the other result.

Descriptions: Skutterudite is the element which cannot stand alone, but it will create the additional point to the human’s production such as the color and the resistance.

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