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The Inspiration of Midas from Orpiment

Orpiment is the deep yellow-orange of the arsenic sulfide mineral. It can be seen from the chemical table with the formula symbol As2S3. To seek it, the volcano place is the fertile place for them. With the low temperature of the hydrothermal veins and the hot springs finally formed them. In fact, the quality of the best stone of the arsenic content is created. Based on the name, it is different from realgar that is taken from the Arabic language. It is from the Latin language, auripigmentum.

The surface structures of the orpiment

Then, that name can be elaborated into three lexicons: aurum – gold + pigment. In fact, the tricky color with the beautiful sight can be sprayed. Through that elaboration, it can be indicated some notifications to notice the stone. Unfortunately, it is only for the color and it is left the shape. Especially, for it, orpiment is strongly different from the arsenic stones. It surprisingly looks like the common stone which is the size is as big as the hold hand but it is also has the bead size.

For this, it is the unique one because they are gathered as like as the ants on orpiment. Then, they will remove one by one based on the growth of the stones. The growth does not mean that they are alive but it happens from the thicker elements of the arsenic from the external factors. Yet, the color is deep yellow gradation to the dark orange. As the indication, between the orange and the yellow, the orange is the old and it immerses more arsenic.

The historical usage

Since the ancient time, the technology of the medicine always becomes the priority. It can be identified on some literatures that tell this story. It is the Roman Empire states that the medicine in China uses the orpiment stone and people there can overcome the toxic. In different purposes, orpiment can be used as the poison. They lubricate some weapons with it to kill their enemy such as on the arrow, the weapon, and the axe.

Orpiment Orpiment1 Orpiment2 Orpiment3 Orpiment4 Orpiment5 Orpiment6 Orpiment7

Incredible, some orpiment alchemist is begun to create some experiments. They are curious the yellow color as like as gold on the stone and they try to transform some elements inside the stone into the silver, the iron, and the iron. Literary, they want to produce the gold. Unfortunately, the followed experiments always end up with the fail. Moving away from that usage and the experiment in orpiment, the modern people use it only for the wax painting mixture.

It happens because people take the benefits from the pigments of the yellow bright color and it attaches the few clear on a painting object. Unfortunately, some problems also still hunt those people on the result. It brings the toxic on the room through the air. To get more advantages form orpiment. Perhaps, it cannot be answered for this age, but the technology soon will solve this problem and they use the orpiment more effective and efficient than this age that only concern on the medical purposes only.

Descriptions: Orpiment is famous because of the pigment on the surface and it leads to the alchemic to reveal the mystery there and they begin to use it in some purposes.

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