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The layered elements: Molybdenite

Based on the year of the finding, molybdenite is relatively called the newest discovery in 1778. It is the latest thing than other item by the Swedish namely Wilhelm Scheele. Then, he noticed that the element inside the stone was strongly different from other materials including the graphite. It finally impacts to the name of the stone. The word is taken from the Greek and it means the leader.

Then, it is symbolized on the chemistry table number 42. Through that symbol, you can see the linked of the elements to other elements including the atomic system inside the molybdenite, Mos2. That symbol tells that the molybdenum atoms arranged between the sheets of the sulfur atoms. Those bonds are amazingly strong, but the interaction between them on the top of the edge is weak. Anyway, molybdenite’s usage is quite amazing because it leads the innovation of the stainless steel is growing up significantly.

For the detail, molybdenite consists of the mineral and the molybdenum. For the first finding, it is believed as the graphite because they almost have the same structure and the lubricating effect. Trough that lubricating, there are some purposes that can be used, it is mostly on the way to cover the stainless steel and the iron for the long-term use. Perhaps, one of you thinks that it is impossible to mix one iron with other.

Molybdenite Molybdenite1 Molybdenite2 Molybdenite4 Molybdenite5 Molybdenite6 Molybdenite7 Molybdenite9

Obviously, it is already tested and it shows the incredible result. Molybdenite has the point to burn in a high temperature and it is surely can empower other steel such as the wing of the aero plan. In short, the way to create the layer on the other steel is that you have to burn the coral molybdenite into the liquid. The result is the item so smooth and slippery. During the burning, making sure that you has some properties of the safety to avoid the bad thing breathing into your respiratory and the flames to your skin.

Then, you should powder them to the items that you try to blanket with it. There are some ways to make sure that molybdenite works well. First, it regards to the small item. You should prepare the steel bowl and you can immerse the item there and take them immediately. Second is a big item and it mostly requires the advanced technology. It is like the factory of the aero plan. The use is for the wings and they will resist from the rusty. In fact, the stronger structured will be followed. In addition, America is the most user of the molybdenite for the army purpose and the plastic industry.

The effect to the human

Then, some people may have the arguments that the chemical elements will play the bad thing inside the body. Surely, that is the biggest worried that I also believe in. In contrast, molybdenite works differently. The recent research has found that the item can be used as the nutrition of the plan although it is still in minority. No matter the size, this idea proves that the chemical element in the molybdonite is surely safe for the human.

Descriptions: Molybdenite is the layered elements. It can be used as the minor product or the major product which requires the high technology such as the aero plan wings.

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