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Ilmenite as the great mineral for Titanium

The ilmenite is one of the great mineral that is important for people. The importance of this mineral can be seen at the role of this mineral. This mineral can be used by people as base to make titanium. The name of this mineral comes from its source. It is in the Ilmen lake, ilmen mountains, in Russia. This one has been formed by igneous rock. This one is crystallized by magma before other mineral. This mineral is able found in the pegmatite and some metaphoric rocks such as in the sedimentary rock. The chemical formula in this one is FeTiO3.

The ilmenite usage in industry

The best one that can be found by people in this ilmenite is the usage of this one. The titanium dioxide in this mineral will have big role to produce titanium. The color pigment in this titanium dioxide is white. The white color in the ilmenite mineral has the best quality to make titanium. However, this one is also can be used for other function. People for instance can find this mineral can be used to color the plastic, rubber, textile, ink, cosmetic, leather, ceramic, and even paper. Because of that, this mineral is also important for people to use something that is benefit for daily life.


Furthermore, the reason why the ilmenite is one of the important thing in making titanium is that the percentage of titanium in its formula higher than other such as osbornite, rutile, brookite, anatase, and so forth. In this ilmenite mineral, people will find that the concentration of the igneous is lesser than other mineral. Because of that, this one will be the best idea for people to make titanium for their industries. This mineral includes into metallic to sub metallic mineral that is commonly black.

The physical properties one in the ilmenite

The ilmenite will have more benefits for people that has factory about mine. Besides, people also should know about this mineral family. The mineral family means the mineral that has same in structure. Because of that, this ilmenite mineral has close relation with hematite and corundum. Then, this mineral family called as hematite group. This one can be seen at the formula of these minerals. From this, the physical properties in this mineral are also clear. People can see that this one has black in color and no transparent.

Other physical properties in the ilmenite is that this mineral is metallic to sub metallic so that no fluster in this one. People also will not find the cleavage in this mineral. Then, the hardness of this mineral is about 5 to 6. Because of that, if people have no found those physical properties, it will not make titanium because they have no this mineral.

Therefore, it is important for people that want to produce titanium getting the ilmenite. The role of this mineral for titanium is higher than other mineral. It can be seen at the titanium oxide in this mineral higher than other mineral as base to make titanium. Because of that, this one will have big role to get titanium in the world.

Descriptions: ilmenite will be the best choice for people to produce titanium in the industry. The titanium dioxide in this one is higher than other mineral so that this one can produce titanium.

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