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5 Most Valuable and Rarest Gemstones List

Gemstone is increasingly more popular nowadays. It can be used for accessory. Besides that, there are also many designers who use it as jewelry. Whatever the purposes, gemstone is successful to attract many people. There are various kinds of gemstone. However, not all of the gemstones are easily to find. Some of them are rare and difficult to find. However, they are very attractive. So, in this article, I will share gemstones list that are rarest to find.

1. Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite Gemstone

The first is tanzanite. It belongs to one of the most valuable gemstones list over the world. The composition includes oxygen, hydrogen, silicon, aluminum, and calcium. Nowadays, there are many kinds of jewelry that use this kind of gemstone such as rings and necklace. It is very valuable so that the price is also high. It is priced about $ 650 to $ 1,000 / carat. Unfortunately, it is difficult to be mined. That is why it belongs to one of the rarest gemstones. Anyway, tanzanite can belong to the gemstones list that you should consider to buy.

2. Taaffeite Gemstone

Taaffeite Gemstone

May be not many people know this kind of gemstone. It is called Taaffeite. It can belong to the rarest gemstones list in the world. This rareness makes it valuable. So, it is reasonable if this gemstone is priced very high. Per carat, Taaffeite gemstone is commonly priced about $ 1,600 to $ 2,300. With beautiful look, it will be perfect for jewelry such as rings and necklace. Therefore, if you have enough budgets you should consider buying Taaffeite. Anyway, it belongs to gemstone list.

3. Black Opal Gemstone

Black Opal Gemstone

Then, black opal also belongs to the best gemstones list. It can be considered as the rarest gemstone. At the market value, it is priced about $ 2,300 to $ 2,400 per carat. Besides that, its composition includes oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon. Looking at the beauty, that price is still reasonable. So, you will not be disappointed to buy black opal. Commonly, it is used for ring stone. Anyway, it belongs to gemstones list that is recommended to buy.

4. Benitoite Gemstone

The next gemstones list is Benitoite gemstone. It is found in California. The name is derived from the name of the founder. Compared to the list of gemstone above, this kind of gemstone is much more valuable. However, the price is also much higher. It is priced up to $ 4,200 per carat. Beninoite’s composition includes oxygen, silicon, titanium, and barium. One of the strengths of this gemstone is the appearance. If you put it under the sun, it will glow with brilliant blue. That is why it is perfect for jewelry.

5. Red Berry

One more the gemstones list that I will share is red berry. It is the most valuable gemstone in the list. The amazing appearance makes people attracted. Unfortunately, the price is extremely high. It can be priced up to $ 10,000 or more per carat. However, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with this gemstone.

Description: Gemstones list that is most valuable and rarest can be seen as follows. They are tanzanite, Taaffeite, black opal gemstone, Benitoite, and red berry.

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