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Boost Your Spiritualism with Atacamite

If you are a stone lover, I believe that you have known that some people consider stone as a package that brings certain power to our existence. Now, I will talk about one stone that can boost our spiritualism. This stone is the atacamite. This stone has been considered as a great stone that brings good effect to the wielder. Better life and conditions are often related with this stone because it gives certain aura in it.

The Physical Appearance of the Atacamite

Now, the first thing that I will discuss is about the appearance of this atacamite. The color of the atacamite stone is often bright green, blackish green, and dark emerald green. This stone comes with crystal habit which often appears in granular, compact, massive, fibrous, and slender prismatic crystal. This green color gives a wonderful effect in the colorization of the stone when it reflects the light that surrounds the stone. Commonly, the appearance of the green color is measured from the transparent one to the translucent. The more translucent stone will have a better power.

The atacamite actually is rare stone which is included in the halide mineral categorization. It is a combination of copper and chloride hydroxide which has been reacted to create this stone. This stone is often found in the weathering zone from arid climates. It comes from the sublimate that has a volcanic character. Now, I think it is enough for talking about these physical things and now, let us head to the benefits of this stone.

The Power in the Atacamite

This atacamite has a spiritual power that is said to be able to bring some benefits into the wielder of this stone. Some people often use it as a gemstone for rings or necklace. From some hearsay, this stone is able to boost immune system and the gland of thymus. This make the wielder of this stone have a stronger motivation and confidence. Some stones are related to certain birthstone and this atacamite rock is the birthstone for Aquarius.


In overall benefits, here I will say some overall benefits that you will get. First, for the energy, the atacamite can bring you more energy for healing your condition, protection of your body, stronger feeling of love, and good transformation of the personality. Then, atacamite gemstone can stimulate positive thought in our psyche. First, you will feel more confidence and tend to be independent when you have this stone.

Then, this atacamite can give a peace of mind too so the wielder will have more qualified life with less stress. In the immune system, this stone helps the wielder to produce better immune system. Some mental disturbance such as fear can be cured with the power of this stone. The most interesting point is that this stone strengthen the nerve for reproductive organs that it makes someone become more fertile and stronger in having sexual intercourse. Those are the benefits that you will get when you have this stone and you have to believe first because sometimes, such belief will be unreasonable to our thought.

Description: Atacamite is the great stone which comes from mineral halide and it can bring spiritual power that will make us feel better and become a better person.

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