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High Quality Sphalerite

Sphalerite is one of the minerals that look very beautiful. Its name is derived from Greek sphaleros that means misleading mineral. It is so because this mineral has similar looks with other minerals. So, it is difficult to differentiate between this mineral with other minerals. However, this is a scarce mineral. It has also much more higher disperse levels than diamond so that its luster is called luster fire. That is why there are many collectors who want to have this kind of mineral. However, before you buy this mineral, you need to know its uses and physical properties.

The Finding of Spalerite

This mineral is a kind of zince sulfide that is commonly found in hydrothermal veins. Sometimes, it is from the cracks of giant rocks. Sphalerite contains limestone. It is found sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. This mineral is the primary zince. It is often mined to a mixture of germanium, gallium, indium, and cadmium. Besides that, sphalerite mineral is also often found in relation to fluorite, dolomite, calcite, pyrite, and galena.

The Uses of Sphalerite

Besides scarce, this mineral is also hard to cut because it has six cracked sides for its structure. So, you have to be careful when cutting it. If you do not be careful, it will damage this mineral so that it can be broken. This mineral is very clean. Sphalerite is believed to have a high quality. That is why the collectors are willing to spend much money for it. One of the most popular sphalerite uses is to improve the vital energy in the body. Besides that, it is also believed to be able to heal various diseases.

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The Physical Properties of Sphalerite

Now, we will try to know the physical properties of sphalerite. Commonly, this mineral has yellow color. Sometimes, it is also gray or dark gray. Besides that, this mineral has adamantine shines. Then, it also has brown-yellow line. It has high specimen. Some of the specimens are ultraviolet and neon. It is crystallized in isometric crystal. It has also perfect cracks. From the shape, it is like rhomb with twelve sides. From the physical properties above, you should be able to differentiate this mineral with other minerals even though they have similarities.

Sphalerite Gemstones with Prices

Sphalerite offers the beauty that makes the collectors attracted. So, if you are also interested, you need to know sphalerite prices. The prices will depend on the type of the gemstone color. The first is the orange one. It has various prices. The lowest price is about $ 140 whereas the highest price will be about $ 220. Besides that, there is also yellow one. This kind of gemstone is priced at about $ 180.

That is all about sphalerite. You have known about the uses, the physical characteristics, the finding, and the prices. If you are interested in it, you can buy this mineral. Do not forget to identify this mineral with the characteristics above and considering the prices with the price ranges above.

Description: Sphalerite can be used to improve vita energy and heal some diseases. The physical properties are yellow or grey colors, has adamantine shines, etc.

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