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Argentite: Most Important Mineral Ore

One of the most important mineral ores is argentite. It is a unique mineral. However, when it is at the high temperature, it becomes argentite. Yes, it is acanthite’s high temperature form. It is considered as the most important mineral ore. With unique characteristics and shapes, it is not surprising that this mineral attracts so many people, especially who love to collect mineral ores. However, its price is high. In this article, I will share the information about its uses and its physical characteristics. So, if you want to know more about it, just follow this article.

The Uses of Argentite

After you know what argentite is, now you need to know its uses. There are two main uses of this mineral. One of the argentite uses is as the primary silver ore. That is why this mineral is considered as the most important mineral ore in the world. Besides that, this mineral ore can also be used as the example of mineral. It shows the importance of this mineral ore. Considering the important uses, it will be a good idea for you to have it.

The Physical Characteristics of Argentite

After we discuss about the uses of argentite, we will discuss about its physical characteristics. So, when you want to buy it, you can identify this mineral. There are many physical characteristics that you can use to identify this mineral. One of the argentite physical characteristics can be seen from the color. The most common color is black or grey. Sometimes, it has different colors. For sure, the colors are dark; even more it is very dark.

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If you want to identify argentite from the shine, this mineral has metallic shine. Seen from the transparency, it is very crispy. Crystal morphology can also be used to identify argentite physical properties. It has octahedral crystal morphology. Commonly, it is dendritic, earthy, blocky, arbores cent, as well as skeletal. Besides that, argentite belongs to nonmagnetic mineral. It has uneven cracks and black faucet. And there are still many other physical characteristics that can be used to identify this mineral.

Argentite is derived from Greek word that is akanta. It means an arrow. This mineral is found in 1529 by g. Agricola. The symbol of this mineral is argentums that means silver. It is often found in Mexico, Germany, Chile, USA, England, etc. Then, the geology environment is on the mineral tendon if it is found in a large amount. Besides that it can also be on ore tendons with low temperature.

That is all about argentite. After you know the uses of this mineral may be you are interested in it. If you are interested, you can buy it. For the better identification, you can identify this mineral by your own. You can use the physical characteristics above. Hopefully, this will be very useful and can be a reference for anyone about this mineral ore, especially for mineral ore collectors. Therefore, own it now and get the benefits.

Description: Argentite has two main uses. They are as the primary silver ore and the example of mineral. The physical characteristics are black or dark colors, has metallic shine, etc.

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